It was once customary to write a letter every day.  I’m talking the “hey, here is a heartfelt update on my life and philosophy since we haven’t talked in almost a six months” types of letters, the ones that started “Dearest Pennington” and ended with “Yours in Good Tiding, Archibald.”

This is a lost art.  Today, we email, text, Facebook, blog, pick up the phone, whatever to get in touch with people, and never have to think about drawing out 5000 words to dearest-so-and-so.  The lesson?  Life is better with the internet.

That’s not going to stop me.  There are still letters to be written to people without addresses, but I’m going to do my best to stay in touch…

Dear Arab Nations

Dear 9-5 Commute and Workday in an Office

Dear Internet

Dear People Who Care about Tiger Woods off the Golf Course

Dear Lower Back

Dear City Citation Bureaucracy

Dear Old Bluesman Playing a Sad Guitar

Dear City Dog Owners


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