These are thoughts and unanswered questions.  I think the most confident answer a person can give is “I don’t know.”  As much as we like to believe that we have a bead on everything around us, we don’t.  So sometimes it’s worth asking questions or pointing something out and acknowledging that a true answer or solution doesn’t exist, but just thinking it through and occasionally seeing life through a different lens is sufficient.

The Catch-22 of Online Identity

Airbnb Is Latest Victim in Internet’s Quest to Rid the World of Personal Responsibility

When A Picture Says Way More Than A Thousand Words

Why Internet Deals Makes You Act All Irrational 

A Rant: A Secret Love of Boston History and Sarah Palin Made Me Do It

The Flimsy Logic of Group Perception

Osama Bin Laden’s Assassination and the Choice of Reasonings

The Top of the Exclamation Ladder

Shooting Straight in Libya and Around the Globe

Filling in the Uncanny Valley

Internet Freedom in the New World: With Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder

What Now @EgyptianPeople?

Fixing Truthiness in Science Journalism

Replicating the Stanford Prison Experiment

iGeneration Spoiling Parties, Both of Them

The Non Sequitur Tax

Winning Outside the Spirit of the Game

Editing: Killing Your Darlings

Fair Weather Politics

The Uncertainty Principle of Quite Certain Economic Opinion

Recognizing the E-Veil

Jon Stewart’s Job Security

Shark Attack Theory

Modern Tribalism

Learning from The Game

Tear Down This (Social Network) Wall

The Bummer with Helen Thomas Being Fired, er, Resigning

Health and Care

The Case Against Being Against HFCS

Facebook Friending Sarah Palin

Domain Roulette

Questions about the R-word

Look Who’s Talking

To be or not to be, a Gearhead

Not Funny…this time

I Want YOU…to a point

Just Right


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