Trying Again: Firing Up Garling Files

June 22, 2012


I’m going to fire up Garling Files again.

[Disclosure: I just had tea that I thought was decaf. It wasn’t. There’s a chance I’m wasting your time and I’ll write a post like this one again in 7 months, apologizing that I broke your heart for not delivering, while you shake your head and mutter, “Didn’t even notice, jerkoff.”]

Yet I have been wanting to fire this sucker up again. I absolutely love writing for Wired but like any scribe, you start to get a hankering to write 413 words — and then publish those exact 413 words. That said, I’m going to steer clear of tech nitty gritty, unless there’s a bigger picture at play. Plenty of other stuff going on these days.

Also, it’s not going to work like last time where every Friday I have a crisp post or short story for you. The release cadence will change. Let’s just call it “erratic” for now. And unless I’ve got a real head of steam, posts will be shorter.

Alright. Less talk, more walk. You get the picture. See you in a post soon. Or in 7 months.

(PS: I’m also doing this so my most recent post — for the last 9 months — isn’t about Steve Jobs dying anymore.)

Garling Files Update

August 26, 2011

As many of you know, I accepted a full time position at last week. (I had been an occasional contributor before.) This was my first week on the job and it’s been great. I can’t internetly discuss what the position will entail yet. But Wired will be expanding into new areas of coverage and I’ll be one of the journalists helping lead that charge. The new site/blog/whatever you want to call it will launch in late September.

In other Garling news, that is way way cooler, I got to interview Joe Montana briefly earlier this week. Click here for that.

If you want to keep tabs on the other sports columns/interviews that I write/record, click here, then click “Become a Fan” next to my name. (You may have to sign up to the site) You’ll get an email each time I publish something.

Garling Files should be back in action next week. If you missed last week’s, click here.

Update 6/24/2011

June 24, 2011

I realized that I have been remiss in posting links to my other writings here at Garling Files. Here is a brief run down. Click on any that catch your fancy.

Last article for Wired: Travel Blogger Broke-Ass Stuart Brings Cheap Thrills to TV

Archive of (most) articles written for Wired: Caleb Garling

Haighteration, a local San Francisco blog: Lower Haight Dendrology

Tom’s Guide: Watching 3D: What’s It Doing To Our Eyes and Brains? (The by-line is incorrect because of glitch that they are fixing soon)

Bleacher Report: NFL Lockout: Reaching the Intersection of Mike Tyson and Sarah Palin

NFL Players Endorsing Pornography: How Would the Commish’s Angry Letter Read?

Bleacher Report Archive: Caleb Garling

Also, The St George’s Angling Club is now available on Amazon and the Kindle. If you’ve read and enjoyed the book, would appreciate any favorable review you’re willing to write.

Back In The Saddle Again

January 27, 2011

With the advent of the internet, it has become both easy and difficult to impress the general public.  We can access everyone, but rarely hold their attention.  However, if you are looking for an absolute marvel of engineering, a feat only rivaled by suspension bridges and space stations, check out  I have designed a book calibrated to fit–perfectly–in your laptop bag and upon your bedside table.  Yes, it’s true.  Copies of this eighth man-made wonder, The St George’s Angling Club, can be purchased at

Garling Files will be back in action tomorrow….


December 17, 2010

A few notes:

1) Thanks so much to those that have purchased a copy of The St George’s Angling Club.  If you are looking for a copy, they are available at  All orders to-date are in the mail.  Hope you enjoy!

2) Garling Files hopes to get a post up next week, but after that we will be on a short hiatus to the fertile southern shores of Asia.  These eyes have not taken in the sights and sounds from that corner of the continent and are excited at the new perspective on the world.  Inspired-posts to come, for sure.

3) Have a wonderful holiday and be sure to give your loved ones an extra tight squeeze.  It’s a little known fact–spread the word–but it is impossible to over-hug.

Catch you on the flip side.

Advance Copies of The St George’s Angling Club now available!

December 6, 2010

You can now buy an advance copy of The St George’s Angling Club at It should be in the mail to you by Saturday.   Enjoy!

Click here to read Chapter 1!

Primal Fear: The Ancient Aphrodisiac

September 14, 2010

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with fear or sex.  I used them both to get your attention—funny how that worked, right?—but now that I have it, I’m going to ask the hardest question on the ImpersonalNet: help out Garling Files, not with money, but with two minutes of your time.  The request is simple: take a recent Garling Files piece (or a few) you’ve liked and email/Facebook share/Tweet and Retweet/Buzz/whatever it to friends, family or your network and ask them to subscribe.  I’ll even type up some sample text for you:

“Check this guy out.  He keeps a mixed bag of thoughts and fiction on his site, and here was one of my recent favorites.  If you like it, subscribe on the right side by submitting your email or adding it to your RSS feed.  You only get his articles and he only posts once or twice a week—though if we get enough subscribers, then he can actually make money off the site with advertising and he’ll post way more often.  Also, in reading his material I have unexpectedly become rich beyond my wildest dreams.  Results may vary, but something to consider.  Again, the key is to subscribe if you like what you read.”

A very sincere thanks for your help.

Here are links to recent pieces.  You can find the rest by clicking under the sections at the top.

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