Become Simple Minded About Gun Control

This country is filled with insanely complicated issues: taxes, healthcare, defense, trade, climate change, etc. All of them deserve lots and lots of discussion and data because there is no “right” answer on how best to move forward.

A couple issues, however, don’t deserve such treatment. To me, that list consists of gay rights and creationism’s place in our education system. These are not complicated debates. There is nothing to “hear out” or “considerations to make”. Anyone who believes gays don’t deserve the same rights as other humans or believes that a supernatural being created the world 6,000 years ago is just wrong. Like, it really is that simple. They are wrong.

The gun control debate is not as open-and-shut as gay rights and creationism — but it is close. Plenty of folks, including myself, enjoy an afternoon on the shooting range. Others love and, in some cases, depend on hunting. Guns do save lives each year. Even though, in 2009, there were 31 murders that used a gun daily — or, “a Sandy Hook” each day — people do protect their homes and families with guns. Though how often this occurs or actually incited increased violence is not known. (There are a handful of studies on the subject that draw different conclusions.)

But otherwise, we allow people to buy a machine whose only purpose is to kill. Guns don’t do other things. They are made to kill. Bombs are a type of “arms”; wouldn’t it be insane if someone defended their legality?

Gun control advocates should take a page out of the playbook of gun control opponents: simple dogma.

Reset the range of discussion for Biden’s commission. Adam Lanza used two handguns to kill those children and the most promising discussion out of Washington, so far, is a vague reference to banning military grade assault rifles and large bullet holders.

Counter “Don’t take my guns” with “Take all the guns.”


That simple.

Start with that. All of them. The solution will end up somewhere in the middle.* But start with the hardline. And reset that middle of the political negotiations. Be a “gun control extremist”. Entertaining the non sequiturs and nonsense, or spinning wheels trying to vet every bit of nuance to the debate, as we’ve learned, means nothing impactful will ever happen.

It’s not as if the talking points have any mileage or relevancy.

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” By this logic, arsenic and the atomic bomb should be legal too.

“Why aren’t we talking about banning cars, knives and baseball bats?” Cars, knives and baseball bats have other purposes than killing. Guns don’t.

“We don’t know that tighter gun laws will reduce violence!” They have in Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Finland, Spain, Germany and Canada. Let’s take a chance.

“Drugs are illegal and people still do drugs!” By that logic we should not have laws against murder.

“Just arm the teachers!” This only treats a symptom of the–OhMyGodICantFinishMySentenceYouAreFuckingInsane

“We need better mental health programs and regulation of violent video games!” Agreed. But that’s called changing the subject.

“We need to be able to defend ourselves from the government!” The Pentagon spent 664.84 billion dollars in 2011. But seriously, tell me about your assault rifles.

“Firearm deaths are WAY far down the list of causes of death in America!” So is breast cancer. Should we stop searching for a cure?

“But…it’s in the Constitution!” So was slavery.

“Legislation won’t solve the root of the problem!” When Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill, it’s not as if suddenly there were no racists. But 50 years later we have a black president. Laws don’t change societies, they shape them. Maybe in another 50, after effective gun legislation, we go 12 months without a school shooting.



(*Say, one single shot rifle allowed per American after a 30 day wait period and background check. Hunters and home defenders keep on keepin’ on.)

34 Responses to Become Simple Minded About Gun Control

  1. Jennifer Hughey says:

    I think this covers all angles very well. NO GUNS!
    It is in the same category as the answer to any physicist who would like to make and keep his own atomic bomb.

  2. george says:

    Yep, all we need to do is arm the Principal of each school (hinted at in the reply by NRA Director this AM)and let the return firing begin!!
    That would save a lot of lives …. hmm, hmmm?!?

  3. Jessica says:

    Awesome. I totally agree. The proponents of no restrictions keep distracting the rest of us with tangential arguments. We wear ourselves out having these same arguments with them over and over and over again. We can’t allow them to distract us from our single focus.

  4. Ralph says:

    Exactly! Very well said. I am so sick of the stupidity and cowardice of the Democratic party…

  5. Chris says:

    Guns are designed to shoot. The person shooting decides the target and intent to kill. Are fists designed to punch ? Knifes designed to stab ? Rocks designed to bash heads ? Your obvious bias has no merit. In all cases, the crime is committed by actions of the aggressive party regardless of the weapon used. Blaming the weapon is propaganda driven politics.

    American citizens will never give up their rights. Punishing the majority for the actions of a small percentage of violent criminals will never be tolerated. This is a Constitutional Right. The majority of the People and the law is on the side of the gun owners.

    It is amazing to me that anti-gunners always go down this path without actually doing anything to stop and punish the actual criminals doing the crimes. This is really about control of force and big government mentality. Gun Control is nothing more than a tool used by the democratic party to seize more power and maintain control.

    • Ellen R says:

      Major flaw in your argument…..the vast majority of mass murders, a/k/a domestic terrorist attacks, in this country have been perpetrated by folks with NO previous criminal background and their weapons of mass destruction were attained legally.
      P.S. How do you know for a fact that stricter gun policies will not HELP, even a little right now. You must have stopped reading this opinion piece after the first paragraph, if you even read it at all. The question of new gun legislation is spoken about here.
      Many other countries have implemented much stronger gun control than is even spoken about in this country, and it is working.

      • Brent says:

        I want to respond to your comment in a friendly tone. I know when reading comments online, it is easy to read it a negative tone (I am guilty of the same). Perhaps, it could help if we weren’t “educated” by an hysteria driven media. Every shooting, school or otherwise, is broadcast in real time for hours on end. The shootings that leave multiple people dead is horrible but I find it tough to accept the “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander” mentality. These countries (Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Finland, Spain, Germany and Canada) that have instituted strict gun laws do, in fact, have lower crime/ murder rates with guns, but they don’t have lower crime/ murder rates across the board. And using numbers of attacks as a facts is skewed by not looking at them versus the population. The United States is a huge country by population. Perhaps we could look at percentages? Anyway, I wish this, as with other “hot button” issues, could be discussed rather than just demonizing the opposing side. Members of both parties, nationally and on a smaller scale, are guilty of this. Does this sound like the rhetoric of a late 20’s, white, conservative male? Because that is what I am but would much rather engage in discussion rather than “screaming matches” in a comments section.

  6. Mike says:

    I agree that the debate is tiresome. I’m tired of being told that I should forfeit the right to protect my home and family to protect some hysterical fear-monger. In fact, let me simplify the debate further: I will not comply with legislation that leaves my family in harm’s way. There is no room for compromise, no additional debate is wanted. You have every right to live gun-free, and trust the police with your safety. You don’t have to have a gun in your home, or even know how to operate one. But you DON’T get to dictate the terms of my safety to me. I will no comply, and I do not recognize the authority of the state to coerce my obedience. This debate is over.

  7. Seth Goldbergstein says:

    You’re a fucking moron and live in a dream world. I doubt you even own a firearm and if you do, please give it up you cowardly faggot.

    You liberal twats are such fucking idiots that you’ve got half the country voting for republicans. God damn all of you.

  8. Bob James says:


  9. Bob James says:

    I meant the feller before him…

  10. Greg says:

    You are taking a rather naive position. The US has a very long history of attempting to ban substances and objects. All of these efforts backfired miserably. Alcohol prohibition created powerful syndicates of organized crime. Banning drugs created the gangs of LA. Even the CA ban on assault weapons produced a zero sum gain in on assault weapons and cost taxpayers tons in enforcement and bureaucracy. Punishing bad behavior is the only effective means of curtailing violence. Increased regulation of firearms will lead to massive purchases before implementation and an illicit market after.

  11. Lafayette Allen says:

    End gun free zones now. I’m not necessarily saying anyone should always have a gun in a school or an office, but don’t designate those places as gun free zones. The major incidents the last few years were all essentially at gun free zones. It’s like putting up a big poster saying there is easy killing here and no one will shoot back. A gun free zone might prevent an accidental shooting but not an intentional shooting. Who really believes this feel good law really helps prevent an attack? We are leaving the most innocent the least protected. Including my children. This is a law designed to buy support for gun control by putting my children in greater risk zones and I’m disgusted by it.

  12. Atherworld says:

    I love that arguement. Let’s arm teachers. Lets arm priests. Let’s give everybody a gun. Then we’ll be safe. Yes. and let’s give Iran, North Korea, and Syria nukes. Then we’ll all be safe.

  13. I carry a Glock 9mm with me everyday. Question for you. How will you take my gun(s) away? And yes this is a serious question.

    There’s a subtle assumption embedded in every Statist argument which is that you will enforce your world-view on others through the use of force; ironically the same thing you’re trying to diminish.

    So the question remains: How will you take away my gun(s)? Are you going to hire people in costumes to come to my door and take them from me by force? Or will you take them from me yourself?

    If your response is to offer a buy-back like Australia did, I’ll tell you right now I’ll never sell my guns and there’s millions of Americans who feel the same. What will you do then?

    The major difference between you and I is that I don’t wish to use violence to solve social problems. The truth in your first sentence can actually be found in the complete opposite statement. Taxes, healthcare, defense, et el, are extremely simple to solve. Property rights and the non aggression principle, that’s it.

    • Ellen R says:

      Nobody wants to take away your toys. That is nowhere in any piece of legislation that has been written to try and help curb this very American problem. You have fallen for NRA propaganda, it is a false assumption. BTW, what is it you fear so much about new gun legislation? If you attained your toy legally, have no criminal background, no history of mental illness, what do you have to worry about? One must suspect, from your uninformed argument and question, that you might indeed have something to hide. Paranoia is destroying you and this country.
      I know you won’t understand anything I’ve said, as rational arguments with members of the NRA and assorted other gun fanatics don’t sit well with you folks, but try and think this out intelligently and logically for once.
      BTW, many, in the past as well as right now, have and are resigning their lifetime memberships in the NRA as they too understand that the bulk of the problem is the millions the NRA spends to control congress on this issue to protect gun manufacturers profits. That’s a well documented fact, do some research. Former president GHW Bush is one of the most famous NRA members to give up their membership. This issue is resolvable, it’s a matter of whether we as a country can rise above this embarrassing gun mentality.

  14. womble7 says:

    Most Americans are already on board with more gun control. It’s the special interest money corrupting our democracy that’s keeping lawmakers from acting.

  15. Sabrina Dobbins says:

    I love this – but please update the second point to be clear for some of the thick headed people out there. One could argue that Guns have a narrow purpose other than just killing (shooting range & Protect a home perhaps). But they are different than baseball bats, car, and knives because guns are much faster and easier to intentionally and unintentionally kill with (and in rage without thinking).

  16. allison says:

    Perfectly said… I agree completely!

  17. Jack says:

    The following statement is utterly factually incorrect it is quite the opposite actually …. “We don’t know that tighter gun laws will reduce violence!” They have in Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Finland, Spain, Germany and Canada. Let’s take a chance.”
    Australia recently took away ALL GUNS and crime has skyrocketed particularly against the weakest folks in our populations

  18. Jeremy Irons says:

    Guns don’t have other purpose than killing? Well clearly someone has not heard of competition or recreational shooting. They have the same base purpose for civilians as Baseball Bat. Entertainment. The only purpose of Bows and Javelins is also to kill yet they are used in the olimpics. Also before you post something do some research. I am from UK. Here is a statistic of how much gun violence has RISEN after gun ban in 1996

  19. Di says:

    Dumb article. We need guns to protect ourselves.

  20. Harry says:

    You said you enjoy an afternoon at the shooting range. Now, unless you killed someone each time you went, you’ve just admitted guns have purposes besides just killing. Congratulations on destroying your own argument.

    • Brian says:

      We use things all the time for other than their intended purpose.

      My car’s purpose is to provide transportation. But it can be raced for sport and recreation. It’s purpose remains the same.

      Guns are designed to slow or ultimately kill another living object. Perhaps it’s dinner or your aggressor. That is the ultimate reason for its existence.

  21. Harry says:

    Can you do me a favor and show exactly where in the Constitution slavery is mentioned? Or are you just making stuff up to try to convey an inane and untenable position?

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    Become Simple Minded About Gun Control | Garling Files

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