Trying Again: Firing Up Garling Files


I’m going to fire up Garling Files again.

[Disclosure: I just had tea that I thought was decaf. It wasn’t. There’s a chance I’m wasting your time and I’ll write a post like this one again in 7 months, apologizing that I broke your heart for not delivering, while you shake your head and mutter, “Didn’t even notice, jerkoff.”]

Yet I have been wanting to fire this sucker up again. I absolutely love writing for Wired but like any scribe, you start to get a hankering to write 413 words — and then publish those exact 413 words. That said, I’m going to steer clear of tech nitty gritty, unless there’s a bigger picture at play. Plenty of other stuff going on these days.

Also, it’s not going to work like last time where every Friday I have a crisp post or short story for you. The release cadence will change. Let’s just call it “erratic” for now. And unless I’ve got a real head of steam, posts will be shorter.

Alright. Less talk, more walk. You get the picture. See you in a post soon. Or in 7 months.

(PS: I’m also doing this so my most recent post — for the last 9 months — isn’t about Steve Jobs dying anymore.)

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