Primal Fear: The Ancient Aphrodisiac

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with fear or sex.  I used them both to get your attention—funny how that worked, right?—but now that I have it, I’m going to ask the hardest question on the ImpersonalNet: help out Garling Files, not with money, but with two minutes of your time.  The request is simple: take a recent Garling Files piece (or a few) you’ve liked and email/Facebook share/Tweet and Retweet/Buzz/whatever it to friends, family or your network and ask them to subscribe.  I’ll even type up some sample text for you:

“Check this guy out.  He keeps a mixed bag of thoughts and fiction on his site, and here was one of my recent favorites.  If you like it, subscribe on the right side by submitting your email or adding it to your RSS feed.  You only get his articles and he only posts once or twice a week—though if we get enough subscribers, then he can actually make money off the site with advertising and he’ll post way more often.  Also, in reading his material I have unexpectedly become rich beyond my wildest dreams.  Results may vary, but something to consider.  Again, the key is to subscribe if you like what you read.”

A very sincere thanks for your help.

Here are links to recent pieces.  You can find the rest by clicking under the sections at the top.

Recognizing the E-Veil:

Introducing: Music:

Dear Internet,:

Jon Stewart’s Job Security:

[Arrowheads I-III]:

Shark Attack Theory:

The Stone Ribbon of Tennessee:

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